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I weirdly needed to read this today. It's refreshing to see how universal feelings can be. Shortly after I turned 30, I had the same constant thoughts about death (typically at night when trying to sleep). I've lost many people in my life and I always struggled to see past 18, then it was 21, then 25, and finally after 30... I sort of woke up and realized I was going through the motions and not doing anything I loved. That's when I started doing music again and unpacked how I gave so much of my energy to climbing the corporate ladder - something I never wanted but found myself well into 9 years of doing.

I don't think about death as often now and there's a stoic philosophy to "remember your death" to remind not to waste your life living for others and waiting for the right moment. I think about that more these days and it's weirdly motivating when I'm in a slump.

I'll need to check out the book and thank you for the recommendation!

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Now you got me wanting to read this book! that was sweet about what you said about MeMe. interesting thoughts about death...ummmmmmmm

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